The word Hidden is a bit of a misnomer, as it refers to objects that have been hidden from view. For example, a bald head is hidden under a toupee. However, this is a largely unimportant detail, since it will not be noticed unless you try to look at it. It’s a far better name than “silent,” which refers to something that is not easily seen.

Having said that, this hidden-object video slot is worth trying for its energetic and unique style of gameplay. Its Egyptian-themed storyline is not a unique feature, but the game is certainly energetic and fun to play. While it’s never going to be the best game ever, it is a welcome change from the blah slot titles that are available. The fact that it is based on a real place, rather than an ancient relic, is another reason why Hidden is worth checking out.

Despite being a new release, Hidden is still available for free online. No download or registration is needed to play the game. The game is also very popular because it’s free to play, so you can enjoy playing it with no worries. It’s a good brain exercise for those who are not very familiar with the genre. You can even get a free demo version of the game if you want. With no registration, you can start playing this slot for as long as you like.

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